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2004-03-13 - 4:02 p.m.


At recess the last couple of days, I have gone to hang out with my the third years. I know that they are leaving soon and I also just love being around them the most. Today, I wander the halls, under the pretense of delivering prizes, but really I was just going to interact with people. My favorite class, 3-6, always greets me with loud yells. The girls have been showing me their strange impressions, like a gorilla bird and a crab. They make me laugh and I feel like Iím actually doing the job that I was hired to do. One of the boys has been earning Megan Money by having conversations with me and he always runs about to me and says ďTalk! Talk!Ē Today, instead of a conversation, he wants me to arm wrestle him. First, he has the smallest boy in the class arm wrestle me. I let him win because it would be such a huge embarrassment for him to lose to a girl. Then I have to arm wrestle the conversation boy, who easily wins. After he wins, he drags me towards the front of the classroom where his home room teacher is chatting with some girls. When she sees me, she laughs and asks if my arm is tired. I say that Iím alright, so the girls take this as a sign that I want more. They select their strongest member and I participate in my third match. I lost to a 15 year old girl. In my defense, she was wiry but strong. Later, in the teacher lounge, the home room teacher came over to my desk, laughing and rubbed my arm. I felt appreciated by my teachers for the first time. It only took 4 and a half months.

After work, I went to Luluís house to eat dinner and study Japanese. We didnít study Japanese but mostly talked about Japan and our problems here. It was nice to chat with a girl over good food. I even got a hand massage and manicure. I stayed later than I should have but it just was so relaxing. I could almost forget that I was in Japan.

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